Christening FAQs

If you had planned to have your child baptised but it couldn’t happen because of a national lockdown, you will have had to postpone this special day. Now that christenings are possible again, you can contact a church and begin to make plans. These are some of the questions you might have.
Do parents have to be christened?
Is a baptism different to a christening?
Why is a christening an ‘amazing journey’?
Can anyone have a christening service?
What if I’m not really a churchgoer?
At what age should a child be christened?
Where can we hold the christening?
How much does a christening service cost?
Can we have a private christening?
Is there a minimum age for godparents?
Do godparents have to be confirmed?
Is it possible to have godparents by proxy?
Can parents be godparents?
Can we change our godparents after a christening?
Do we have to have three godparents?
How many godparents can I have?
Do godparents have to be baptized?
Do godparents have to be confirmed?
Do godparents have to be baptized in the Church of England?
Are godparents also legal guardians?
How do I find out if I am christened?
How can I be involved in a christening?
Can my child be christened in a Church of England church if they weren't born in England?