Days out and fun times

Days out and fun times

Enjoying time and treats together is really important, whether that is doing ordinary things together like making and helping or going on a journey somewhere completely new. Being together, using imagination, making mistakes and laughing are all part of the amazing Christian journey. Find some new ideas here.

Whether you are a parent or godparent, friend or relative, time spent with a child you know is really special.  And it’s part of the amazing journey of faith. Just being together helps to grow strong relationships, and helps children discover more about other people.  Discovery and imagination are all part of what makes us unique humans. Wondering together at God’s incredible world, laughing at fun things and learning how to get over mistakes are all important parts of life after the christening.. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your fun times

At home

Making – helping with cooking or gardening or making things together is a great way of building a relationship. As children grow older this is often the time when questions and worries can be shared as well as news.

Helping – working together on a special job in the house or going to help someone else is another way of being together. There may be local events, like fun runs or charity challenges that you can do as you care for God’s world and the people in it.

Discovering – exploring old photos and other memorabilia can be a great way of sharing life’s journey. Knowing where we come from and where we belong are an important part of giving confidence to go forward.


Out and about

Walking – taking a walk around your neighbourhood, finding a local park or beauty spot and wondering at all the lovely things to find. With little ones this might only be to the end of the road – but look with fresh eyes at the ordinary things.

Playing – time at a playground, enjoying timeless things like swings and slides gives a chance to share memories as well as giving encouragement. Sharing things and showing others how are also part of a faith journey.

Exploring– going on a mystery tour is great fun. Let the children decide when to turn left and right and see where you end up. Take a picnic to enjoy when you find a suitable spot. Learn about mistakes and consequences together.