Discover together

Discover together

Being a parent means being on a continual voyage of discovery: your children learn something new every day, and each season brings opportunities to see the world afresh.


As your children experience things for the first time, you can enjoy seeing the world through their eyes. Why not try some of these ways of sharing new experiences together?

Seasonal food

From pick-your-own strawberries to planting veggies in the garden, the changing seasons offer different opportunities to help little children try new tastes and textures. Why not see how many different colours you can have on your dinner plate? Can you make a rainbow with your food? Or a smiley face, or a landscape on your plate?

And when you’ve finished being healthy, there are treats to enjoy: a toddler’s first ice cream is always a memorable and messy occasion!

Taking risks

Try something really new – pre-schoolers might like to try riding a bike or balance-bike for the first time. This is a great opportunity to help your child learn to take risks, to trust that they can fall and have another go, and that your safe hands will be there to pick them up.

What new things are you learning as a parent or grandparent, at work, and in your journey of life? What helps you feel able to try new things and take a risk?

The Bible says that God ‘takes us by the hand and leads us’ like a parent and child, and Jesus said to his friends, ‘I am with you always’.