Ten things godparents and godchildren can do together

Building the godparent / godchild relationship

Godparents and godchildren have a very special, lifelong relationship. Here are a few ideas for how to enjoy that time together, getting to know each other, getting to wonder at God’s world, and discovering how to bless and pray for one another.

As children grow, spending time with them as a godparent is important to build relationship and live out the promises that were made at the christening service. There are limitless ways to do this whatever the age of the godchild, but here are a few ideas suitable for school-aged children. 
  1. Pray: complete this prayer for each other using just 10 words:  Dear God ……
  2. Face your fears: do something brave together. That might be looking at a spider or walking through a tunnel, visiting a car wash or dancing in the dark
  3. Give generously: challenge each other to do something for a charity that you both support
  4. Little wonder: find the tiniest thing that amazes you about creation and share the joy
  5. Shine a light: make a visit together to the nearest cathedral or open church and light a candle for each other
  6. Sky high: choose a moment when you will each stand or sit in the highest place you know and name ten things you see
  7. Shared names:Each find a pebble/stone and paint a name on it. Remember the name you were given at your christening
  8. Surprise, Surprise: Be a surprise blessing to each other by doing something unexpected that brings a smile
  9. Playtime: Play your favourite childhood game together – for real or on Skype – hopscotch or a video game?
  10. Never too late: teach other a new skill – skimming stones, drumming, ballet, cartwheels – film it to keep the memory if you can!