Stop and smell the roses

Stop and smell the roses

Even in the middle of cities, a British summer is full of flowers. We love to see them bloom, bringing spectacular colour and sometimes fragrance into the summer months. It’s a lovely time to  appreciate the beauty of God’s world, and think about how God cares for us as part of creation.

Young children are often full of awe and wonder at the beauties of God’s creation. With flowers blooming everywhere, it’s a great time to visit your local park or green space and look in detail at some of the flowers.

Show your child how to gently touch the flowers without damaging them. Talk about what they look like and smell like.  Talk about reasons why God made flowers.

Jesus talked about flowers in one of his teachings about worry.

“Can any of you,” he asked, “by worrying, add a single hour to your life? Look at the lilies in the fields, how they grow: they don’t work, yet even the greatest king in all his glory isn’t as beautiful as them. So if God looks after even these plants, which don’t last long or do anything, how much more will he look after you?”

As you look at the flowers you can pray together:

(Touching the flower):

God, thank you for this (white, red, pink, spiky, soft, etc …) flower.
Thank you for making it and loving it.
Your love for this flower will never ever go away.

(With your hand on your child’s forehead and your child’s hand on your forehead):

God, thank you for this (jumpy, silly, sweet, caring, artistic, sporty, etc) child and this (kind, funny, loving, bonkers, etc) mum/dad.
Thank you for making us and loving us.
Your love for us will never ever go away.
Help us to take care of each other
Just as you take care of every living thing.

In your local church: churches often have flower festivals this time of year. Usually there’s a theme, and local organisations will make displays. Children can explore the church building and look at all the flowers.  Some will have children’s activities, and there is often tea and good homemade cake.  This could be something new to discover whether you are at home or somewhere different.