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Human fertilisation & embryology

May 2014 Mission and Public Affairs Council submission on mitochondrial replacement to the Department of Health consultation on draft regulations to permit the use of new treatment techniques to prevent the transmission of a serious mitochondrial disease from mother to child

December 2012 Read the Mission and Public Affairs Council submission to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority consultation on mitochondria replacement

September 2012 Mission and Public Affairs Council response to a Department of Health consultation on proposals to transfer functions from the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority and the Human Tissue Authority

May 2012
Mission and Public Affairs Council response to the Nuffield Council on Bioethics's consultation on Donor Conception

June 2007 Mission & Public Affairs (MPA) Council response to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Draft Human Tissue and Embryos Bill. Response included:

  • Cautious acceptance to the proposal to produce cytoplasmic hybrid embryos for research into the alleviation of serious diseases.
  • However, it accused the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee of a 'serious disregard for ethics in favour of seeking scientific knowledge by all available means'.

July 2007 MPA Council response to a HFEA consultation on hybrids and chimeras

Embryology July 2003. General Synod unanimously carried the following motion:

'That this Synod:

  1. affirm the sanctity of the human embryo and therefore the need to treat it with profound respect;
  2. recognise that there are different but principled and sincerely held views among Christians on the morality of embryo research;
  3. welcome the paper Embryo Research: some Christian Perspectives (GS 1511) as a helpful contribution to Christian reflection and debate on issues relating to the status of the embryo and its therapeutic potential;
  4. call upon members of the Church of England to continue to engage with the scientific community, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, and Her Majesty's Government so as to ensure the ethical imperatives in embryo research are never forgotten; and
  5. ask the Mission and Public Affairs Council to provide a list of resource publications and possible speakers to assist moral and theological reflection on this issue.'

The Report can be accessed by clicking on the following link - Embryo Research: Some Christian Perspectives

Other issues
Board for Social Responsibility responded to the consultation of the HFEA on Sex Selection can be accessed by the following link - Sex Selection

Responses to consultations on gamete and embryo donation and stem cell research

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990
did not specifically outlaw surrogacy but it did state that no financial arrangements surrounding a surrogacy agreement could be legally binding. In 1998 the Science, Medicine and Technology Sub-Committee of the Board responded to a Department of Health consultation on surrogacy.


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