Transforming Worship resources

Transforming Worship is an initiative of the Church of England's Liturgical Commission. It aims to resource and promote liturgical worship and involve the whole church in liturgical growth. The following titles aim to increase understanding of liturgy among clergy and lay people and resource people in its use.

Using the Book of Common PrayerUsing the Book of Common Prayer

Using the Book of Common Prayer introduces and explains how to use the Book of Common Prayer in a way that is accessible and informative without being technical
or assuming prior knowledge. It is intended as a basic, beginner's guide for ordinands, clergy and readers, especially those less familiar with the Prayer Book tradition.

Part 1 of the book offers a general introduction to the history, theology and liturgical character of the BCP. It also explores the place and meaning of 'common prayer' within the Anglican tradition. Part 2 offers general practical advice on the principal services of the BCP, how to use them, and where flexibility is permitted.

This guide, the first of its kind, will help its readers come to a renewed appreciation of the place of the Church's historic, normative liturgy in the distinctive tradition of Anglican praise and prayer.

ISBN - 9780 7151 4276 9
RRP - £12.99

Leading Common WorshipLeading Common Worship Intercessions

This concise, plain-speaking book is designed to help anyone who leads intercessions to do so as well as they are able. Drawing on the author's extensive experience as a parish priest and trainer, it contains wisdom both for those leading intercessions for the first time and those with many years of experience. Taking a sensible, down-to-earth approach, it offers:

  • Sample forms of intercession based on Common Worship
  • Alternatives to the more common forms
  • Important dos and don'ts
  • Ideas for creative ways to develop intercessions
  • Practical exercises and checklists

ISBN - 9780 7151 4200 4
RRP - £5.99

Worship Changes Lives: How It Works, Why It MattersWorship Changes Lives

What is worship? How does it work? Why does it matter? Does it change anything? This illustrated guide explores some of the big questions about worship. Rooted in real-life practice with accessible, non-technical text, it encourages all worshippers to think about how worship changes us. Providing a rich source of ideas for PCCs, worship teams and small groups, it's an invaluable aid to get the whole church involved in transforming worship.

ISBN - 9780 7151 2132 0
RRP - £4.99


Words for WorshipWords for Worship: Prayers From the Heart of the Church of England

Words for Worship brings together the most cherished prayers in the Church of England's liturgy, both in Common Worship and The Book of Common Prayer. From modern collects to prayers that have been learned by heart over generations, here are the words that today create a common identity among
Anglican worshippers.

Texts include the Lord's Prayer, the Gloria, Sanctus, Prayers of Confession, the Creeds, the Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, Benedictus, the Agnus Dei, the Grace, and many more. Each prayer is accompanied by a short commentary on its history and meaning, opening it up for those new to Anglican worship and those
seeking a deeper understanding of familiar words.

ISBN - 9780 7151 2190 0
RRP - £7.99

Finding Your Way Around Common WorshipFinding Your Way Around CW

Are you confident in using the varied resources that Common Worship offers, or do you sometimes find yourself baffled by the choices rather than excited by the potential? If you're the latter - then this is the book for you! Whether you're an
ordinand or a trainee Reading getting to grips with liturgy, a layperson who'd like to understand services better, or a minister still finding your way around, here is the ultimate user's guide to Common Worship.

It includes:

  • A simple guide to every Common Worship book published, what's in each one and when you'll need it.
  • Things you can change in Liturgy - and things you probably shouldn't!
  • Quick Tips that take you straight to the practical things you need to know.
  • Frequently Asked Questions which tackle some of the most common issues.
  • A glossary of liturgical terms to help you know your paten from your pall.

ISBN - 9780 7151 4236 3
RRP - £9.99

Crafting Common WorshipCrafting Common Worship: A Practical, Creative Guide to What's Possible

Common Worship has introduced a vast range of structures and rich resources for worship. However, many worship leaders remain unclear as to exactly what Common Worship contains and unsure as to how they can use it.

Drawing on the author's wealth of experience as the Church of England's National Worship Development Officer, Crafting Common Worship is a highly practical guide on how to make the most of the flexibility and scope of Common Worship, and become more confident and creative in worship planning and leading. Focusing on worship practice rather than liturgical theory, it includes extensive case studies on how Common Worship has been used in various contexts to create engaging and mission-focused worship across a wide spectrum of church styles and tarditions.

ISBN - 9780 7151 4201 1
RRP - £12.99

C of E Marriage ServicesChurch of England Marriage Services

Every year, thousands of couples choose to marry in an Anglican church using the words of the Common Worship marriage service. This expanded version of the best-selling Marriage booklet has been designed to help couples and clergy plan the service with ease.

Featuring both the contemporary Common Worship form of the service and the traditional language Solemnization of Matrimony (as popularised by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), it also contains popular hymns, readings and prayers suitable for weddings, as well as advice on how couples can personalize the service. It makes an ideal gift for clergy to give to couples and can be used as an order of service on the day of the wedding itself.

ISBN - 9780 7151 4202 8
RRP - £4.99