Lay Ministry

Lay Ministry Working Group

The working group has been established in order to:

  • Review current developments in traditional and emerging forms of lay ministry in the light of the Resourcing the Future and Resourcing Ministerial Education diocesan consultations
  • Develop a theological understanding of lay ecclesial ministries and the complementarity of lay and ordained ministries
  • Investigate what hinders the exercise of lay ministries and propose changes to current practice in order to remove these hindrances
  • Propose a framework for lay ministries in the Church of England which respects diversity of expression between dioceses and encourages shared learning, good practice and interconnectedness across the Church of England
  • Review the resources currently allocated to lay ministerial education and development and to propose changes

The group has been engaged in a broad consultation with dioceses and is working closely with the Lay Leadership task group. The final report will be presented to Ministry Council in November 2016.