Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

Last updated: Tuesday 4 May, 00:15

Updated FAQs:

  • Can we host children and youth groups? in the Community support section
  • How should we complete a risk assessment for our church building? in the Safety, safeguarding and wellbeing section
  • What guidance is in place for clergy, church workers and volunteers who are deemed to be at additional risk? in the Safety, safeguarding and wellbeing section

New FAQs

  • What resources are available to support mental health and emotional well-being? in the Community support section

The guidance below is produced to help churches navigate the changing situation as restrictions to limit the transmission of Covid-19 are progressively eased. It reflects Government regulations and accompanying Guidance documents which are themselves evolving in line with the national reopening ‘roadmap’. It will be updated as Government guidance evolves. Although it draws together documents produced by different Government departments relevant to places of worship, it does not attempt to cover every possible situation.

Churches are encouraged to continue to take all steps necessary to limit the transmission of the virus.

While some parishes continue to offer digital services only, for the time being, many others have either remained open for individual prayer and public worship following Covid risk assessments or are in the process of reopening for in-person worship. The circumstances in each parish will inform local decision-making. 

As the Church, along with the rest of society, begins to contemplate the future it is already clear that many congregations will continue to stream services and meet online as part of a ‘mixed-mode' approach to worship in the wake of the pandemic.



What are the stages of the Government Roadmap?
What activities are currently permitted?
How can we contribute to vaccination equity campaigns?
How can I get a lateral flow test?

Prayer and worship

Can churches open for individual prayer?
Is singing permitted?
Copyright licence details for live streaming

Life events

Can funerals go ahead?
Can weddings go ahead?

Community Support

Can food banks remain open?
Can the building still be used for blood donations?
Can I still undertake pastoral visiting under the new restrictions?
Can we host children and youth groups?
Should we use NHS test and trace?
Do we need to get permission to put social distancing or hygiene measures into a church building?
What advice is there for keeping the church clean?
What advice is there for non-worship activities in churches and church halls?

Nurseries and early years provision

Can nurseries and early years childcare provision operate in churches?

Finance and governance

How can my PCC hold a remote meeting?
How can we enable people to give financially to the church?
Is there any guidance concerning our APCM meeting?
What guidance is in place for clergy, church workers and volunteers who are deemed to be at additional risk?
What advice is available if domestic abuse is suspected?




Further reading

The below Marking our communities resources have been prepared by The Liturgical Commission:

Digital resources

Father Andrew taking Holy Communion.

Access our digital resources including our weekly services

Church online

Prayer and worship resources

A page has been created containing prayers and intercessions for personal or group use, special prayers for use if it isn’t possible to meet in church and a simple form of prayer for the morning and evening, which can be downloaded, printed and shared with those remaining at home or who are unable to access the Internet.

A new Daily Hope phone line is now available, free of charge, to those unable to access online resources.

These resources are offered to help those who are struggling to find words at this difficult and stressful time and to enable Christians to worship in solidarity with one another even if it is not possible to gather in a church building.

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