Church Times letter - Christ Church, Oxford


Dear Sir,

In response to your article ‘CofE is ‘being used’ in campaign against Dean of Christ Church’ I would like to point out that the National Safeguarding Team has no view about, and is not involved in, the wider issues relating to the College and the Dean.

When a referral is made alleging that a senior member of the clergy has not fulfilled his or her safeguarding responsibilities, the NST has a duty to consider the management of any safeguarding risk. In this case, an independent safeguarding person has been asked to investigate and report back.

As I am sure your readers would agree, the Church must take all safeguarding issues very seriously, and all this is being done in accordance with the House of Bishops guidelines. For reference the Dean of Christ Church is a “Church officer” within the definition contained in the House of Bishops practice guidance. 

There is no agenda behind this and we hope that with the cooperation of all concerned this matter can be concluded quickly.

Jonathan Gibbs

Bishop of Huddersfield,

Church of England’s lead safeguarding bishop