Appeal from independent Soul Survivor Review


The Soul Survivor independent review was launched in November 2023 (see also Terms of Reference).  As part of our review we are considering the evidence which was provided to the National Safeguarding Team (NST) and Diocese of St Albans investigation into Mike Pilavachi.  We recognise the trauma and difficulty that many of those contributing to the NST investigation may have faced when sharing their experiences.  We do not want to cause you further upset and distress by meeting with you again (unless you wish to).  However, we are unable to reflect your experiences in our report unless you give the NST consent to share them with us.  With this in mind, we are asking those who have not yet provided such consent but wish to do so to contact us at [email protected] by no later than 15 March.

In addition, we are aware that there may be other individuals who did not come forward to the NST but who may wish to come forward now.   We would be keen to hear from you too. Again please do contact us at [email protected].  We would be grateful if any and all contributions could be provided by no later than 15 March 2023.