Statement on Kendall House review


Statement on Kendall House review from Bishop Paul Butler, lead bishop on safeguarding for the Church of England.

"The findings of the independent review into Kendall House describe the harrowing regime experienced by numerous girls and young teenagers who were placed into the care of this Church of England home. The appalling standards of care and treatment should never have been allowed and on behalf of the national church I apologise unreservedly to all the former residents whose lives were and continue to be affected by their damaging experiences at Kendall House.

The considerations for the national Church contained in the report will be examined carefully and there is full commitment to ensuring that this leads to the best possible implementation. The report will be shared with senior staff, including all diocesan bishops, across the whole Church.

There are serious lessons to be learnt from this Review both at diocesan and national level to ensure that this never happens again."

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Support line
The dioceses have set up a listening service for former residents and survivors of Kendall House, and those who may be affected by the findings of the report into Kendall House, which is 0845 120 4634. The service is provided by the Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service, an independent Christian safeguarding charity. Please note that the service is not suitable for callers seeking more in-depth support or counselling.