Statement from lead safeguarding bishop


The following is a statement on concerns raised by former Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, Dr Martyn Percy:

We recognise and acknowledge that the situation at Christ Church Oxford has had a significant impact on many people including the former Dean, Dr Martyn Percy. We are committed to ensuring the Church is a safe place for all through professional safeguarding both nationally and in every diocese. The safeguarding processes in the Church of England have improved out of all recognition in the last 10 years but we cannot be complacent. The Church now has an Independent Safeguarding Board, ISB, chaired by a former Children’s Commissioner for England. Along with Oxford Diocese, we have referred Martyn’s safeguarding concerns to the ISB for review which will be both rigorous and independent. Its finding will be public save only for protection of vulnerable people. As the internal questions at Christ Church are a matter for the College and the University, we will not comment on them. Martyn Percy has had a long and very distinguished service to God through his work in the Church of England in many roles. We are grateful for what he has done and wish him well in the future.

Jonathan Gibbs,
Church of England's lead safeguarding bishop