Fringe Meetings and Displays at General Synod

What is a Fringe Meeting?

Fringe meetings happen during each group of sessions but meet outside of the main sitting times of the Synod. These meetings vary in their structure, from presentations and round table discussions, to informal social gatherings.

These are events which would be of interest to Synod members. Catering and audio visual equipment is available for these meetings upon request.

Both external organisations and internal Synod groups are able to arrange fringe meetings. However it is not possible to hold a fringe meeting without a Synod member or NCI staff member acting as a sponsor for the event.


What is a Display?

At each group of sessions there are a number of spaces available for organisations both within and outside the Church of England to display material they feel may be of interest to General Synod members.

There are often an overwhelming number of organisations wishing to display at each Synod and in order to assist with prioritising who can display, the Business Committee of the General Synod have outlined the following categories:

(a) General Synod and other National Church Institutions or their subsidiary bodies;

(b) Recognised home or overseas mission agencies;

(c) Other bodies on which the Synod or the Church of England was officially represented;

(d) Other bodies


The Committee decided that within category (d) preference should in future be given to

1. displays relevant to items on the Synod's Agenda;

2. displays that could not be accommodated at the previous group of sessions;

3. bodies that have not exhibited before;

4. bodies that have not exhibited during the three previous groups of sessions;

in that order.

Notice: The revised Fringe and Display policy is now in place as of April 2016, please click here to open the new policy document


If you have any further enquires, please contact the fringe meeting and display team at