General Synod App

The General Synod App is free to download and allows members to follow along with sessions via their smartphone, tablet or on their computer via a browser.
Different versions of the General Synod App on devices with the words "General Synod App" written at the top.

Once downloaded, the App allows access to an electronic version of the timetable as well as all the documents you need to take part in the session as a member. Any changes or updates to the timetable and documents are also sent to the App. 

The App uses accessibility standards built into iOS and Android devices which means content should be accessible to everyone. All documents can be downloaded to your device so that you can read them even whilst not connected to the internet and you are also able to mark any documents to save a list in your own My Synod area.

The App is also available to access via a web browser, allowing you to prepare notes and access content on a larger screen than a smartphone or tablet device. Settings and changes are synced across your devices, via your General Synod account, meaning that you can prepare notes on a document on your computer then access them on a smartphone or tablet during Synod. 

Access the General Synod App via your browser


You can find a list of commonly asked questions below. If these questions don't answer your query, feel free to get in touch via the webform at the bottom of the page.

How do I log into the General Synod App?
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How do I use My Synod?
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What devices support the General Synod App?

One of the main purposes of building an App for General Synod was to ensure that the content members need to access are available in an easy-to-access and accessible way. Whilst the Church of England website lists all documents for each session, the App provides a simple way to view all the documents as well as an electronic timetable for each session of General Synod. 

We'd love to hear from you as a member of General Synod using the App, so that we can ensure that it is working for you. Please contact us using the form below for any help or feedback. 

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