House of Laity

Three people chatting at table during event Diocese of Liverpool

Members of the House of Laity are elected by lay members of the deanery synods in each diocese (or annual meetings of the chaplaincies in the case of the Diocese in Europe) and include:

  • 195 elected by deanery synods
  • 3 from the Armed Forces
  • 2 from religious communities
  • 5 from the Archbishops' Council
  • 5 co-opted UKME/GMH members
  • 7 ex-officio members (Dean of the Arches, Vicar-General of the Province of Canterbury, Vicar-General of the Province of York, First Church Estates Commissioner, Second Church Estates Commissioner, Chair of the Pensions Board, and Board Chair of the Dioceses Commission)

The Standing Committee of the House of Laity consists of the Chair and Vice-Chair, the members of the Business and Appointments Committees elected by the House and the members of the Archbishops' Council elected by the House.

Standing Committee