Diocesan Synod Motions

Diocesan Synod Motions (DSMs) are motions passed by diocesan synods that have been referred to the General Synod. Once a DSM has been referred to the General Synod, it remains on the Agenda until it is either debated or withdrawn by the proposing diocese.

Diocesan Synod Motions are listed under the General Synod's Special Agenda IV. The other Special Agendas include Legislative Business (Special Agenda I), Liturgical Business (Special Agenda II), and Private Members' Motions (Special Agenda III).

Current DSMs

Church Buildings
Code of Conduct for PCCs
Confirmation numbers to Statistics for Mission
Day of prayer and action for the persecuted church
Food Banks and Inadequacies in Social Security
Future of Work
Kairos Palestine
Parochial Fees
Rest Periods for Office Holders
Safer Recruitment for PCCs and Synods