Working Together Nationally

Working together nationally

The Church of England works with a wide range of other Churches in England and through the UK. We do this through:

  • Formal agreements, committing us to consultation and cooperation at different levels
  • Regular meetings at national level, especially to encourage mission and other initiatives
  • Informal conversations and relationship building with other Churches.

To find out more about the relationship between the Church of England and another Church in this country, click on the relevant link.

Formal agreements

We currently have formal agreements with the Methodist Church, through the Anglican-Methodist Covenant (signed in 2003), and the Moravian Church, through the Fetter Lane Agreement (signed in 1995).

Regular meetings

There are strong links with the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales through the English Anglican-Roman Catholic Committee, which meets twice a year, and through joint meetings of bishops from both Churches.

A formal agreement with the Church of Scotland will be signed later this year.


There have been recent bilateral conversations between the Church of England and:

  • the Baptist Union of Great Britain
  • the United Reformed Church

There are numerous contacts at national level between the C of E and other churches in ths country.

Building relationships

We value our relationships with the whole range of Christian Churches in this country. We recognize the growing importance of Pentecostal and Black Majority Churches and are actively involved in promoting greater understanding and collaboration. Many of the Orthodox Churches, Eastern and Oriental, have a strong presence here and our links with them are very important to us. The pattern of church life in England is changing and as the established Church we aim to respond to that creatively and supportively.

Joining in the wider conversation

The Church of England is a full member of Churches Together in England and also of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. These organisations coordinate activities between many different Churches and provide common ground for them to meet together and consult together. Click on the links to their websites to find out more about what they do.