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Group photo of Executive Committee members of the Anglican Minority Ethnic Network

The Racial Justice Unit, in conjunction with the ACRJ, CMEAC and AMEN, is encouraging all Global Majority Heritage (GMH) / UK Minority Ethnic (UKME) clergy, ordinands and lay ministers and leaders to register with the GMH/UKME communications network. This network is being developed primarily for the purpose of communications and information sharing among GMH/UKME clergy, ordinands and lay ministers and leaders. An immediate need is to share information on the upcoming GMH/UKME network meeting being planned by the Church of England later in 2023.

The emergence of diversity networks in institutions has increased significantly in recent years. Diversity networks, sometimes referred to as ‘resource groups’ or ‘affinity networks’, are established to inform, support and advance personnel with similar social identities. In many organisations, diversity networks form part of a wider management and change agenda and an effective practice to help promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

The growth of these groups is based on an increasing appreciation that the availability of and participation in networks forms an important part of professional development and organisational change strategies. The report of the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce, From Lament To Action (FLTA), notes that information sharing along with data collection and monitoring are crucial to help us understand what needs to change.

A number of ethnocultural networks currently exist in the Church of England including the umbrella body AMEN: Anglican Minority Ethnic Network, the Gypsy, Roma and Travellers Friendly Churches network, The Teahouse, The Persian and Farsi network, and the UKME Ordinands and Curates network.

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