Design related articles

  1. 17/05/2019

    A logo defines and represents the personality and image of a church, company or organisation. Discover 10 tips for designing your own logo.

  2. 16/07/2019

    Whether on websites, in print or social media, visuals help us express our ideas quickly and effectively with the people we want to communicate with.

  3. 16/08/2019

    A style guide is a set of standards you apply to any digital or printed resources for your church. It can really help give consistency to your church. 

  4. 22/02/2019

    With so many creative and productivity tools on offer, how do you know where to start and which ones to try? Discover the digital teams top recommendations here. 

  5. 17/07/2018

    BLOG / If you have an event at your church you want to advertise, whether it’s a service, youth club, course or social, it’s important that the promotional materials are eye catching and engaging.