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Church of England and Methodist Church meet at Ampleforth Abbey

The Chairmen/Chairs of the Methodist Church Districts of England, Scotland and Wales invited the Church of England House of Bishops to meet them at Ampleforth Abbey on Tuesday, January 11, 2000. The meeting was co-chaired by the Archbishop of York, the Most Rev David Hope, and the President of the Methodist Conference, the Rev Stuart Burgess. The agenda was The National Mission of our Churches and its Ecumenical Implications. The meeting was not part of the Formal Conversations between the two churches.

Coming together for the first time on a formal basis, the group recognised that the two churches are moving towards new working relationships. The talks covered their common mission through the ministry of word, sacrament and pastoral care. It considered the changing social and cultural context and the Church's commitment to serve all parts of the nation at every level.

The group experienced a high degree of consensus. Their discussions were part of the continuing growth in collaboration and fellowship between the two churches.


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