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General Synod - Summary of business conducted on Wednesday 24th November 2010 AM


The Archbishop of Canterbury moved a motion to present The Loyal Address to Her Majesty the Queen.

The motion was clearly carried.



The Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Michael Hill, moved:

'That the draft Act of Synod adopting the Anglican Communion Covenant be considered.'

Following debate, by a division by houses, the Synod voted as follows:

Bishops  Clergy Laity
In favour 39 145 147
Against 0 32 25
Abstentions 1 11 8

The motion was therefore carried.

Audio of session


Mr Justin Brett (Chichester) then moved as an amendment to GS1809:

'In recital (1) after "the Anglican Communion Covenant" insert -

", subject to the exception referred to below,"; and

After "GS Misc 966" in paragraph 1. insert -

", with the exception of section 4.2"; and

Before "solemnly covenants" insert -

"subject to that exception".'

Following debate, the amendment fell.


Dr Brian Walker (Winchester) then moved as an amendment to GS1809:

'Insert as a new recital (3) -

"The Church of England understands the Anglican Communion Covenant as a means for maintaining continuous inclusive relationships between all covenanting Churches."; and

At the beginning of paragraph 1. insert -

"Subject to paragraph 2," and

After paragraph 1. insert -

"2. The Church of England will not participate in or support any limitations or suspensions of the kind provided for in Section 4.2.5 or sanctions under Section 4.2.7.".'

The amendment lapsed as 40 members were not standing to support a debate.


The Revd Canon Robert Cotton (Guildford) moved as a following motion:

'That this Synod, recognising and affirming the difficult issues addressed by the Anglican Communion Covenant:

(a) request that the date determined by the Presidents for the reference of the draft Act of Synod to the dioceses under Article 8 should be no earlier than November 2011;

(b) direct the Business Committee to ensure that the documents circulated to diocesan synods for the purposes of the Article 8 reference include a range of briefing material, properly reflecting the diversity of views on the Covenant within the Church of England; and

(c) invite the House of Bishops to encourage in the dioceses a process of widespread education about, and engaged with, the substance and text of the Covenant.'

Following debate, the following motion was lost.

Audio of session


These brief summaries are offered primarily for reference while the General Synod is in session. The formal record of the Synod's business at each sitting during the November 2010 group of sessions can be found in the 'Business Done' (once available here, a few days after the Synod concludes its business), which includes details of unsuccessful amendments to motions and other significant information offering a fuller picture of the Synod's business.

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