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Daily Briefing: Tuesday 28 August 2012

Today's press coverage

Sun p26 More on the milking-parlour blessing.

Gdn p15; Times p26; Wall Street Journal (Europe) p6 More on the aftermath of the jailing of Pussy Riot members.

Gdn p19; Times p23 Reports and comment on implications for local Christians of latest use of Pakistan's blasphemy laws.  

Times p20, about the Nicklinson case, from Martin Woodier; and Tony Phillips; and about the Scouting movement, from Canon Arthur Siddall; Claire McNicholl; Gail Maxwell; and the Revd Paul Nicholson (Zacchaeus 2000 Trust) .
D Mirror p42, about the Nicklinson case, from Steve Spratling; Annie Dixon; G Engel; Ken Pennington; M J Brown; Steve Fuller; and Neil Stirling.
Ind p18, about 'fundamentalism', from Alistair McBay (Nat Sec Soc) (scroll down)

Ind p46: Abune Paulos, religious leader and peace activist.

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