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Daily Media Briefing: Thursday 13 September 2012

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office 

Issued at 09.55 by lh

John Chrysostom, bishop, teacher of the faith, 407
Tomorrow: Holy Cross Day

1.  NEWS from the Church of England: 12/9/12

Women Bishops: Draft Legislation

The House of Bishops has by an overwhelming majority settled the text of the legislation to enable women to become bishops in the Church of England.

The full statement is available at

2.  Today's press coverage

Times pp1/2 (leader)/8/10; D Tel pp2/6; Gdn pp1/5; Ind pp2/4/6 (James Lawton); i pp4/5; D Mail pp4/7 (Quentin Letts)/16 (leader); D Exp pp4/12 (Stephen Pollard);  Sun pp2/4/5 (leader); D Mirror pp4/8 (leader); E Std pp1/6
Extensive coverage and comment on report of Hillsborough Independent Panel, chaired by Bishop of Liverpool and launched at Liverpool (C of E) Cathedral.

D Tel pp1/20; Times pp12/30 (Matthew Parris); Ind p12 (i pp12/19); E Std p14 (leader); D Mail pp12/19 (Stephen Glover); Metro p16
More reports and comment about the Deputy Prime Minister's views on opponents of same-sex marriage.

D Tel p2; D Mail p27
Reports of BBC presenter's remarks that the BBC is dominated by humanists who 'laugh at Christianity but are afraid to mock Islam'.

D Tel p16; D Mail p35
Reports of survey results showing that young people 'think morality means looking after your family rather than taking part in religion'.

D Tel p20
Report of Catholic Care's appeal to the Upper Tribunal about adoption by same-sex couples.

D Tel p20
Report about Baroness Cox's continuing efforts to curtail activities of unofficial sharia courts.

Times p47 (Patrick Hosking)
Piece about the Bishop of Durham's contribution to the proceedings of the the enquiry into banking standards.

FT p15
Piece about banking ethics, inc quote from Canon Giles Fraser.

D Tel p28 (Eric Pickles)
Comment piece about the place of Christianity in national life.

Times p30 (Terry Pratchett)
Comment piece about assisted dying.


D Tel p29, about bigots and Mr Clegg, from Frank Rooney; John Clemence; Hugh Sorrill; and Hugh Ellwood.

Metro p15, about the intolerance of a minority of Muslims (name and address supplied).


D Tel p37: Dr Ruth Etchells 1931-2012

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