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Daily Media Briefing: Tuesday 18 September

Daily Media Briefing for Tuesday 18th September 2012

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Issued at 08.30 by NC

Tomorrow: Theodore, archbishop, 690

1.  Today's press coverage

BBC News online
Supporters of women bishops in the Church of England say it is still uncertain whether a new wording in the proposed law satisfies their concerns.
Women bishops: Anglicans still unsure over new wording

Tel p8, FT p4
Coverage of the conference organised by the Catholic Church to discuss the lessons learned from the financial crisis and a series of business scandals.

City AM p14, Guard (G2) p5, BBC News online
Reports and commentary on the first anniversary of the Occupy protest on Wall Street.

Tel p5, Mail p21, Sun p24, Guard online, BBC News Online
Reports of the court case in which a gay couple are suing the owner of a B&B hotel for refusing them a room, "because it offended the owner's religious views".


Even Stand p36
Reports that parishioners at a catholic church in London are "boycotting" the church after the priest "suspended its professional choir".

Mail p56 Dennis Littler
Rowan's real boss
Mail - no online link

Mail p56 Patrick McKay
Demonising Christians
Mail- no online link



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