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Learning from everyday lives at an extraordinary event, describes Olympic chaplain in new podcast

 Stacy James

Volunteer chaplain Stacy James

As the London Games draw to a close, the Head of LOCOG's* multifaith chaplaincy team, Canon Duncan Green, says he and his team have been inspired by the example of the 200,000 staff and volunteers - as well as all the athletes - many of whom have made sacrifices to play their part.

He describes a mealtime conversation with a volunteer from Newcastle who told him how she had saved all year from her unemployment benefit to pay for the train fares and the campsite fees so she could be at the Games. She described it as a "life-changing" experience he adds and is now hopeful of finding paid employment as she has Olympic work experience on her CV.

Chaplaincy, adds Duncan, is about being alongside people and dealing with their everyday lives.

The chaplaincy team, serving those of all faiths and none, was made up of 162 volunteer chaplains, based at all the sporting venues around the country with a central presence and chaplaincy centre in Straftord. The team also served the 26,000 journalists from all over the world.

Listen to the Church of England podcast with Duncan Green and Paralympic volunteer chaplain Stacy James at:  


*LOCOG is the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games; see

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