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Daily Media Briefing: Monday 22 October 2012

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office 

Issued at 09.25 by hd / rh

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1.  New economic and social affairs adviser for Church of England
Tom Sefton has joined the Church of England's Mission and Public Affairs (MPA) Division as part of the team of specialists dealing with the wide range of issues which arise in the Church's engagement with society, politics and ethics. For further information, go to:

2.  Inspection report on All Saints' Centre for Mission and Ministry published
The Church of England has published an inspection report on the All Saints' Centre for Mission and Ministry within the Southern North West Training Partnership. For further information, go to:

3. Patrick Locke CBE
The Church Commissioners and their staff are mourning the recent death of Patrick Locke CBE, their Secretary between 1992 and 1998. For further information, go to:

4. Today's press coverage

Daily Mail p8 and p14 (leader)
Report that "the Archbishop of York has urged David Cameron to tackle the 'great injustice' of care for the elderly, warning we risk growing into a 'sick society' if there are no improvements in the way vulnerable pensioners are treated"; he is "speaking out in support of the Daily Mail's Dignity for the Elderly Campaign". (scroll down)

Daily Mail p20, Sun p25
Reports focusing on the publication of the The Church Weddings Handbook, looking at how churches could offer more "customised weddings".
More on the Church Weddings Handbook is available here:
and here:,-numerically-and-spiritually,-through-weddings.aspx

Financial Times, FT Fm p2
Report that "a grouping representing investors from UK charities and pension funds plans to target FTSE 350 companies that have been identified as being slow to implement carbon reduction measures"; the group includes "the Church of England's Ethical Investment Advisory Group".

Times T2 p3
Kevin Maher talks about the Occupy Movement's recent "Pussy Riot-style" activities at St Paul's Cathedral.

Independent p31, i p24, Guardian p15, Sun p9, Metro p28
Many items focusing on how "a 17th Century Native American woman and six other new saints were canonised yesterday" by the Catholic Church.


Daily Mail p56
Anne White of Northants on nursing the dying, and Victoria E Keens of Shrewsbury on procedures of "secret euthanasia".

Independent p18
Dr Daniel Emlyn-Jones of Oxford on gay marriage, and Terry Wright of Newcastle on the case for a Third Vatican Council.

5. Top Weekend Stories


Mail on Sunday p14
News report: "Panel urged to end 'farce' over new Archbishop."

Sunday Telegraph p1 and p6
News report headlined "Church to allow Posh and Becks style weddings" focusing on the work of the Archbishops' Council's Weddings Project and the recently published Church Weddings Handbook (see above).

Sunday Express p26
News report entitled "Churchgoers hit the roof as tiles mix-up costs £200,000" with references to a Kent church.

Observer p15
Comment entitled: "Nick Griffin lives in a very strange parallel universe."

Sunday Times p45
Review by Robert Collins of The Testament of Mary by Colm Toibin.

Mail on Sunday p35
News report entitled "Rain stops pray at Lourdes".

The Sun p13
News report: "All faiths join 200 in Malala night vigil."

Mail on Sunday p36
News report: "Laughing on his private jet - the £93m pastor accused of exploiting British worshippers."


Times p40
News report entitled: "Five are still in the running on the long road to Canterbury."

Independent p17 / Guardian online
News report: "Williams asks Church to vote for women bishops."

Times p40
News report entitled "Parents' lives are too fast for children, says bishop", with reference to the Church of England supporting Parents' Week, and mentioning a new prayer composed by the Bishop of Oxford.

Times p110
News report: "The search for a new Chief Rabbi."

Independent p41 (scroll down)
Comment piece by Chris Bryant on "The courage of Rowan Williams".

Daily Mail p22, Guardian p17
News reports on the theme: "Police probe BNP leader as he calls for demo at gay home couple's home."

Times p111
Credo by Kate Cooper on "Whose hand rocked the cradle of Christianity?".

Telegraph p33
Christopher Howse asks, "Can Muslims pray with Christians?"

Independent p37
Comment: "If you're homophobic, don't open a hotel"

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