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Daily Media Briefing: Tuesday 9 October 2012

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

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Denys, bishop and companions, martyrs, c.250
Robert Grosseteste, bishop, philosopher, scientist, 1253
Tomorrow: Paulinus, bishop, missionary, 644
Thomas Traherne, poet, spiritual writer, 1674

Today's press coverage

Telegraph p8
Report that the Bishop of Chelmsford has criticised Cadbury "after a chocolate maker was forced to redesign its products because Cadbury had trademarked the colour [ecclesiastical purple]".

Guardian p8, Independent p6 and p7, Telegraph p7, i p6 and p14, Express p5, Mirror p6, Sun p9, Evening Standard p6
Many items on the subject of gay marriage, including comment from Sir Elton John in the Independent and reports from a Coalition for Marriage rally, which included contributions from Lord Carey; the Independent includes the paragraph: "Opponents of gay marriage are being treated in a similar way to the Jews at start of Nazi rule in Germany, the former Archbishop of Canterbury claimed yesterday."

Telegraph p25
Judith Woods writes about the institution of marriage.

Times p10, i p2
Two very short items reporting that "doctors have been given the right to withhold life-saving treatment from a severely brain-damaged patient if his condition deteriorates", even though his Muslim family had "argued their religious faith requires everything to be done to prolong life 'until God takes it away'".

Evening Standard p15, Guardian G2 p13, Daily Mail p9, Independent p16
News reports and comment on the topic of the abortion limit.


Telegraph p23
George Sullivan responds to the Revd Arun Arora on the topic of closed churches in Birmingham.

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