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Statement from Secretary General on new Director of Forward in Faith

The Secretary General of the Church of England, Mr. William Fittall, has today issued a statement in response to the announcement that Dr. Colin Podmore has been appointed as the new Director of Forward in Faith:

"Forward in Faith has today announced the appointment of the Dr. Colin Podmore, who currently serves as the Clerk to the General Synod, as its next Director, upon the retirement of the present incumbent.

Colin has accordingly given notice that he will be leaving the Church House staff at the end of March to take up the new role. He will continue to fulfill the full range of his current responsibilities until the end of that six-month notice period, except that, at his request, I have agreed that he will not play a role in relation to the Women Bishops legislation.

While Colin will have been in his present role for only a couple of years he will, by the time he leaves, have served in a variety of roles at Church House for nearly twenty five years. His outstanding skills and depth of knowledge are going to be greatly missed. If there is any consolation it is that he will still be devoting his notable abilities to the cause of mutual flourishing within the Church of England.

There are some discussions to be had before the process for finding a successor can begin. My expectation is that the Synod will be invited to approve a resolution in July confirming the appointment of a new Clerk to the Synod."

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