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Daily Media Briefing 12 December

Daily Briefing for Wednesday 12th December 2012

Issued at 09.40 by NC/RH

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1. Census 2011 - England remains a faithful nation

The Church of England today welcomed the publication of the latest Census figures which confirmed that Christianity remains the largest religion in England in 2011, with 31.5 million people (59.4 per cent of the population) self-identifying as Christians. For further information, see end of briefing or go to:

2. Bishop of Leicester responds to Government consultation on equal marriage

Marriage is not the property of the Government nor is it the property of the Church, the Rt Rev Tim Stephens, Bishop of Leicester, reminded Parliament in a response to the Government statement on equal marriage in the House of Lords.

3. Statement from the House of Bishops on defeat of women bishops legislation

The House of Bishops of the Church of England met yesterday and today at Lambeth Palace and considered the implications of the General Synod's recent rejection of legislation to enable women to become bishops. The House had the benefit of participation in its discussion of the Very Rev Viv Faull, the Venerable Christine Hardman, Dr Paula Gooder, and Mrs Margaret Swinson, who had all previously served on the Steering Committee or Revision Committee for the legislation.

4. Next Week's Broadcasting Bulletin can be found at the foot of today's briefing

5. Today's press coverage

Exp p4, Mail p1 & 7, I p4, Tel p5, Times p1
Reports on the drop of 4 million Christians in a decade in the UK

Times p2, Guard p10 & 34
Editorial and comment on above

Exp p2, Mail p4, Even Stand p12, FT p4, I p1, Metro p1, Mirror p12, Tel p1, Guard p8 & 10, Ind p6, Sun p2, Times p1 & 8, Ind p1, BBC Online
Reports on the Government plans for same-sex marriage

Guard p32, Ind p6 & 16, Exp p12 & 13, Tel p8,19 &21 Guard p8. Mail p14
Editorial and comment on above

BBC Online
Report of the House of Bishops statement on Women Bishops

Tel p1, Guard p11, Mail p7
Reports that for the first time fewer than half of the population are married

Tel p2
Reports that Dr Williams will become the chairman of Christian Aid next May
No online link

Tel p6, Metro p29, Mirror p15, mail online
Reports that digital version of the Ten Commandments have been released online by Cambridge University

Tel p9 & 20
Reports that boys voices are breaking increasingly early. Bad news for Cathedral choirs.

Mail p30
Feature on the colourful life of the Rt Revd Justin Welby's father

Tel p21 - Various authors
Will the courts force religious institutions to conduct gay marriages?

Guard p35 - Various authors
Tied in knots over gay marriage

Exp p44 John Clemence
Interfering with different beliefs leads to intolerance
No online link

Times p29 Ven George Austin
Church and society

Times p58
The Rt Revd Kenneth Cragg


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