Be bold now


Dave, who works in Highways and Planning, has found opportunities to offer hope to colleagues.

I deal with planning applications for the highway authority, making sure there’s safe access, checking for safety concerns and that there won’t be congestion issues. Once a development goes through, I oversee the development.

I like the variety. No two applications are quite the same and I like the fact that I’m not just office bound.

Man standing in front of a hedge

The council offer a flexible retirement once you’re over 55. I’ve just turned 62 and am now working half the week, drawing my pension for the rest of the week. Because of the coronavirus, the workload has reduced. That’s meant that I’m staying on top of my workload.

I’ve worked with the same people for ten years. We get on really well and have a lot of fun together as well as anything else. I have a ministry at Mind, Body and Spirit fairs. I often do a talk about how to stop worrying, and I’ve produced a leaflet. It’s accessible to anyone, but it draws on Phil 4.

Early on, we had a team meeting, and I was aware of people’s worries and concerns and so I offered them the leaflet. Out of 15 people, three asked for it. We have a team WhatsApp group. My son has been making videos about hope. I posted links to them on the group. I felt that putting the message out was timely. It’s not about whether or not people respond, at least the word is out there.

I’ve not been the greatest evangelist at work, but there comes a time when you have to step up to the plate. I won’t be with this group of people forever, so I feel that God is saying, ‘If you’re going to talk about me, be bold now.’ I haven’t got anything to lose. We sometimes forget how good the news is that we have to offer. It’s hope in a broken world.

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