Faith in farming


Rob is a farmer. He shares how his faith has been a support during COVID-19.

Our family has been farming in this village for hundreds of years. We’ve got quite a small farm: 90 acres that we own and another 50 that we rent. We have beef cattle, sheep and some outdoor pigs and laying hens. We are geared to the farm shop and local restaurants.

Man holding two lambs in a field with lots of other sheep

We have been surprised by the amount of fear in people. People are coming from the local villages who would have gone to supermarkets before. We are delivering to local people who are self-isolating and have click-and-collect as well. We are doing double what we were doing last year. We have double the customers. It’s been very heavy going.

I think because we have been sustained in doing things that are beyond our strength, I know that God is with us. We have no control over any of this, so we sense the hand of God. I know God’s presence because we’ve had the energy reserves to get through this, and lambing too.

Working with creation you are conscious of the newness and vitality of things around you. I can see a copse of trees from my window. A few weeks ago, they were skeletons. Now they are vibrant, bursting and green. You can’t fail to be amazed by the power that produces all that in a few weeks.

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