Finding common ground


I work in the international affairs department of air traffic management (ATM) in Switzerland. Aside from some European Research and Development, I also manage social dialogue for 6 countries and am part of the diversity team in the company.

Woman working at a computer from home

I love the people contact and finding common ground between very unlikely parties such as CEOs and trade union representatives. This gives me the sense of satisfaction that I’m making things better in the industry and for everyone.

Managing expectations and emotions across different countries and cultures in an international setting can be challenging. The politics can also affect how effective I am and I sometimes find this frustrating. Covid has radically changed the way I work. From being a frequent flyer and meeting all over Europe, I am now working every day from my living room and meeting virtually. People management is quite different in this context and I have had to adapt quite rapidly.

I spend a lot of time talking to God and asking for his guidance, help and support, and also thanking Him for the good things. I try to apply Christian principles in difficult, frustrating and contentious situations, seeing problematic people not as the “other”, but as a human being with their own emotions and  point of view, looking for a way forward together.

The whole aviation industry has been heavily hit by the pandemic and there is a lot of fear. I’d love for you to pray for the sustainable recovery of air traffic control and the aviation industry in a responsible manner ecologically, environmentally, socially and economically.

Can you make #TimeToPray for all who have been affected by the pandemic as part of your everyday faith?

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