Sharing faith in lockdown


It all started at the beginning of lockdown. I went to Amplify Academy, which is a Christian organisation for young evangelists. A member approached some of us as he believed God was using lockdown as a way for people to share faith and thought we were being called to share online.

Girl with sunglasses sitting outside and smiling

We started an Instagram page - @livin_it_out – to reach Christians and non-Christians with simple questions about Christianity. We want it to be accessible for everyone – to give insight, testimonies, answer questions.

We try to post some of the things that non-Christians might not think about, like ‘God loves you for who you are.’ We hope to inspire them. A lot of people engage with the videos and comment. We message people who have been interacting with our posts to see if they want prayer for anything.

Originally there were seven of us. We met at a residential and have created a really close relationship inspired by Christianity and sharing with each other. Social media takes up a lot of time, so we’ve got other people on board. We all have a passion to share Jesus with Christians and non-Christians. We’re excited to share our faith with all people. A few of us are considering doing something bigger, maybe some courses.

We definitely will continue with it. It doesn’t matter whether one person or 100 people see it. If one person sees it, that’s enough for us.


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