is the Church of England’s official church finder tool, and it also offers free websites for churches and benefices.  

You can locate your parish church, which can be useful for weddings, christenings and other special life events; or find a church near you that provides a particular service such as children's groups, specific styles of worship or community action work. 

If you are looking for your parish church be sure to put in your postcode in full or use the 'get my location' option to get an accurate result.

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Information for churches is the Church of England’s official church finder tool for the public, helping more people discover your church and contact you. Every Church of England church has a listing on the site. receives over 70 million page views per year. By keeping your church's listing up to date, you help more people find your church. It’s free and easy to update your listing by becoming an editor.  

Throughout the year, and particularly at Christmas and Easter, the Church of England drives the public to discover churches on through adverts, social media posts and printed resources.​

“This Sunday one of the Church Wardens came up to me after the service and said that she had had an email from from a lady asking where the service was in the benefice. She had replied immediately and the lady was in church with us!” also offers free websites for Church of England churches and benefices. Your listing quickly becomes a full website when you populate and customise all the available sections. Using as your main church website could be the right choice for you if you want your church to have a modern website that is quick and easy to update and costs nothing.

If you want to, within you can also set up a website for your multi-church benefice, suitable if you are a Team Parish, Team Ministry or similar. You can then add events, news and whole pages to your benefice site and have them automatically copy across to your individual church sites.  

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Why use as your main church website?  


  • Completely free – no costs for hosting, setup or development​.
  • Simple to update – designed for people with no prior website experience​. 
  • Training and support available - 'how to' guides and videos, regular daytime and evening webinars, and a support team to answer your questions. ​  
  • Secure – we handle security and access. Never lose access to your website again, even if volunteers leave.​  
  • Mobile friendly and visible on search – Google search prioritises web pages which are mobile friendly. Your site will often appear on the first page of search engine results for your church. ​  
  • Continuous improvement – editor feedback shapes our development plans for the site.
  • Solutions for multi-church benefices - save time by copying content across your benefice site and individual church sites. Customise with language of your choice (e.g. 'Team Parish' or 'Team Ministry' instead of 'benefice').  
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“We love the new benefice feature and works really well for our two locations in the same parish.” 

Key features  

  • Customisable homepage – highlight upcoming events and key news, add online donation button​.
  • Services and events calendar and news pages – keep everyone up to date.
  • Add your own pages – option to add custom pages if you wish.
  • Contact form – all messages you receive via the site are sent direct to an email address of your choice for you to reply from. 
  • Embed video – easily display your latest recording if you film your services.
  • Web address options - if you have an existing web address you can redirect it to your site, or you can get a new one of your choice and use that.  
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“For a church with no one who understands the underlying technology it is a good idea, especially as mobile devices can be used to edit. Thank you very much for providing this service.”    

Optional extras  

  • Church Development Tool to survey your congregation - to support any existing planning process you may be doing. Questions cover faith, discipleship and demographics. 
  • Online Services Register - list your service attendance online instead of in your paper book and this will pre-populate your Statistics for Mission form so it is quicker to complete at the end of the year. 
  • Integration with The Church Organiser – display a Room Bookings page, and /or display Life Events contact forms that collect all the details you need from enquirers about weddings, christenings and funerals.  
  • Support faith from Monday to Saturday - add a page about how you support people to live out their faith Monday to Saturday and link them to online discipleship tools on the Everyday Faith platform. 
  • Resource Hub - free music tracks to download if you don’t have access to musicians or organist, plus a range of other useful downloads. 
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Is a website on right for me?  

For many churches, offers everything they need, with zero cost, making it the best choice of website for them.  

Some churches with staff and a budget to run a separate website, prefer to do so with other website providers, rather than using as their main website. These churches can add just their basic information on, including providing a contact email address and a link to their main website.​  

We recommend then logging in at least twice a year, in October and February, to list your Easter and Christmas events on This is to make sure you don't miss out on getting noticed by the boosted visitor numbers that come to find a church on at these times of year.  

Getting started  

The best way to explore if you want to use as your main church website is to register on the site and then request to be an editor of your church(es).   

  1. Register and then log in.  
  2. Search for your church on A Church Near You
  3. Choose ‘Edit this church’ from the church’s menu and fill out the form.​  
  4. You get approved by an existing editor of that church. In case of any problems or delay, contact us for approval
  5. Book onto a short editor training webinar or watch videos and read help articles when it suits you. 

Frequently asked questions

What will my website address (or URL) be? 
How do I find my parish church?
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The priest who is in charge of church life in a particular benefice. Depending on the parish his/her title may be Vicar, Rector or Priest-in-Charge

For all information relating to A Church Near You including more detailed information about the above FAQs, please visit the Editor Help Centre, which is regularly updated by the team.