Further studies

Building on the Church Growth Research Programme, further studies into aspects of church growth have been commissioned on behalf of the Archbishops’ Council. 
Church Growth Research Programme logo

‘The Day of Small Things’

The Church Army’s Research Unit built on their research into fresh expressions of Church and published a set of reports in November 2016. They provide a broad insight into how fresh expressions of Church develop, who attends them and how they can be sustained.

‘Not as difficult as you think’

The Research Unit also explored examples of successful, unsuccessful and unproven mission with young adults between 18 and 30 years old.  Their website contains a summary report, a set of case studies and reflections on forms of mission that were ‘tried and died’.

‘Playfully Serious’

The Church Army’s Research Unit conducted a two-year study into the effect that the Messy Church movement was having among Church of England churches. Were Messy Churches growing disciples and how were Messy Churches maturing as a church? The findings from the research can be found here.

Talking Jesus

The Church of England worked with other organisations to commission research into people’s perceptions of Jesus, Christians and evangelism; the first stage of research with adults was extended into a second stage with 11 to 18-year-olds. The results are summarised on the Talking Jesus website which offers other resources relating to evangelism.