Disaster prevention and management

You might want to put together a plan to protect your congregation and your church building in case of an emergency.

We can help you think ahead.

Water rising above a caution sign with a building in the background

Why do you need a plan?

You need to protect your building from things like:

A disaster management plan will help you to:

  • Assess and address the likely types and triggers of disasters
  • Set out evacuation and safety procedures
  • Prioritise items for protection
  • Set out procedures for salvage, storage, business continuity, repair, and post-disaster restoration and review

What is a disaster management plan?

A DMP has three sections.

It aims to protect your building, including the interior fixtures and fittings that are integral to its design and function.

Risk assessment
Emergency plan
Recovery plan

Who can help?

To produce a disaster management plan, get help from:

Consult widely, including:

  • Historic England
  • Local authorities
  • Police
  • Fire brigade (e.g. fire risk assessment)
  • Local NHS trusts
  • National Trust and Historic Royal Palaces (they have experience of the consequence of many sorts of disasters)

Our top tips

  1. Make sure that your building and its contents are insured
  2. Your insurers must be notified as early as possible if a disaster occurs; they will have expert advice and support
  3. Detection and alarm systems and fire and flood protection systems need to be kept serviced and up-to-date
  4. In the event of a disaster, STOP and wait for considered professional advice. Significant and costly damage can be caused by hasty decisions
  5. Provide a single point of contact with the media, and inform your Diocesan Communications Officer as soon as possible in the event of a disaster
  6. Early protection is invaluable. Knowing sympathetic local builders who can cover a roof swiftly can prevent costly damage.
  7. Once the immediate emergency is passed – take control of events. Do not let them control you. If your DMP is solid and up-to-date, this will be much easier