Retirement Living Property Bulletin

The Retirement Living Property Bulletin is published every month or so. It contains details of all of our available rental properties, including our beautiful retirement living communities and our retirement living rental properties. Each listing shows the current rent, council tax banding and when it will become available.

The bulletin is the only way to reserve a property with us, and we encourage you to look carefully at what is on offer and express an interest to any properties that might be suitable for you. You may express an interest in up to three properties, ranked in order of preference.

Learn more about the rental process or start searching for available properties in our portfolio below.

Church Retirement Community

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Your guide to retirement housing

An overview of our rental and supported retirement housing options for people who have served or worked for the Church.

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Unable to find suitable housing solutions? Our partners may be able to find you the ideal property for your needs.

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Contact us

If you have been in receipt of the bulletin for a while and are worried about finding the right retirement home for you, or if you have questions at any time, please contact the Housing Officer looking after your application (using 020 7898 1824 or [email protected]). We would be happy to talk through the possible options.