Heating your church this winter

Pews in a local church with a bible and hymn book in the foreground

Practical tips and financial support

Heating your church this winter

The Energy Costs Grant will be distributed to dioceses to enable them to help Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) cover the increased cost of heating and lighting church buildings this winter.

Dioceses will also be able to use some of their fund allocation to make additional targeted hardship payments for clergy and other employed ministers to cover household bills, in particular energy costs.

Reducing your church energy bills

While rises in energy bills are inevitable this winter, we hope these tips and suggestions will help churches use less energy and keep their energy bills under control:

Advice for meeting clergy household energy bills

This page on help with increases in everyday bills, written by the Pensions Board, is focussed on individuals, prepared with pensioners in mind but some aspects will help with clergy and lay workers.

Earlier this year, the Church of England announced that it would make additional funding available to help clergy, and others involved in ministry and mission locally, with rising costs. For more details as to what help is available locally within the Church, please get in touch with your Diocese.