Webinars on getting to net zero carbon

This series of webinars is designed to support and equip you to reach the Church’s ambitious net zero carbon emissions target - everything from forming your team to putting solar panels on your roof, and including low cost housekeeping actions which can pay back quickly.

Choose as many topics as you need to help you on this decade-long journey.

Find details below of upcoming topics, dates, and how to book. Recording of the extensive back-catalogue of past webinars are all available below.  These will make a valuable resource for anyone coming new to this subject.  

We are very grateful to the MCS Charitable Foundation for a grant which has enabled us to greatly expand our range of topics.    

Our webinar programme

Audience, length and how to book
Caring for God's Acre - spring and summer webinars

Recordings of past webinars

New resources to help schools cut their carbon
Fundraising From Environmental Grant-Makers
Fundraising From Community-Led Grant Makers
Becoming a Net Zero Carbon church
Becoming a Net Zero Carbon school
Becoming a Net Zero Carbon Theological College

Recordings of webinars on getting started: forming your team, action planning, and measuring net zero

These webinars give an overview of where a diocese can start on it's net zero journey.  They are aimed at diocesan staff and volunteers, but there will be much of interest to other audiences too.  

1. Forming your team
2. Action planning
3. Defining and measuring net zero

Recordings of webinars on moving your buildings towards net zero

These webinars focus in on bricks and mortar issues; what we can do to reduce our use of energy, what makes the most difference, and what is practical?

1. A positive vision of a zero carbon church building
2. Learning from others: energy management at the Wallace Collection
3. Conservation pitfalls and how to avoid them, en route to Net Zero Carbon
4. Getting to "yes" for your environmental project - Successfully navigating the faculty system
5. Finding the balance: assessing embodied carbon in retrofit projects on church buildings
6. What's needed in practice get to net zero carbon? And what's stopping us? : The results of the Wayfinders Project
7. Briefings on the updated faculty rules
8. How Parish Buying and 2Buy2 can support parishes with Net Zero Carbon

Recordings of webinars on low carbon solutions – heating, lighting, solar and more

These are “technical webinars for non-technical people”, explaining how each technology can help your church move towards the goal of net zero carbon, and the real practicalities of taking action.

The speaker delivering each webinar has been chosen after a tendering exercise, based on their expertise in the field and practical knowledge.

1. Heating part 1 : To replace or not replace?
2. Heating part 2 - Choosing the best heating solution for your church
3. Energy-saving quick wins
4. The Effective Management of Lighting Towards Net Zero
5. Church Solar panels
6. Electric car charging
7. The basics of heat pumps
8. Electric heating solutions - From pews and panels to chandeliers and cushions

Recordings of webinars on environmental fundraising

Fundraising is competitive, and there is no easy answer, but our three webinars will help get you started. Part 1 gives you a sense of the broad landscape of environmental funding opportunities, Part 2 covers how to start fundraising, whilst Part 3 is aimed at people with some existing fundraising experience, who want to know more about specific opportunities.

Part 1 - What opportunities exist in the environmental funding landscape?
Part 2 - How to start environmental fundraising
Part 3 - Environmental fundraising for experienced fundraisers

Other webinars from the Church of England Environment Programme

Webinars on Land and Nature for Churches Count on Nature Week (June 2021)
Eco Church programme webinars
Environmental webinars for schools
Climate resilience

Useful webinars programmes from other organisations

We share links here to some other organisations webinar programme, where we think they are of particular relevance.

Links to other organisations' webinars 
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