Redress Blog

The Redress Blog is a blog for survivors and victims to express in their own words what "redress" means to them and to share their hopes for the National Redress Scheme. It is also a blog for Church officers and staff to provide regular updates on the progress the Church is making towards developing the Scheme.

You can find the latest blog posts below.

If you need access to support, please contact the Safe Spaces helpline by calling 0300 303 1056 or by visiting this Church of England webpage, where external support services are listed, including listening, advice, and counselling services.

  1. A senior couple walk hand in hand down a quiet urban street

    My abuse fuels my determination to create a survivor-centred Redress Scheme


    A survivor explains how their experience of Church-related abuse, and the traumatising legal process that followed, is making them more determined than ever to help the Church design a National Redress Scheme that “prioritises the needs of survivors."

    3 min read
  2. Bishop Jo Grenfell

    Redress is about more than just money


    In November 2023, General Synod members gave first consideration and overwhelming support to the draft Abuse Redress Measure. In this Redress Blog, the lead bishop for safeguarding, argues that redress is about more than money, and that the Church should continue to take responsibility for preventing, addressing, and repenting of the harm that can be done in its communities.

    6 min read
  3. a woman with her back to camera walking down a gravel path looks across a meadow towards the trees beyond

    What redress means to me


    In this blog post, a member of the Redress Survivor Working Group reflects on what it would mean to them and their life to receive redress from the Church.

    4 min read
  4. Members voting during a session at the London General Synod, February 2023

    Why legislation is an unavoidable reality


    In this blog post, the Chair of the Redress Project Board explains why the legislative process is needed and what people can expect from the draft Measure being brought to General Synod in November for "first consideration". 

    4 min read
  5. Bishop at synod truro

    To survivors of Church-related abuse


    In this blog, the Chair of the Redress Project Board shares his passion for the project and his commitment to delivering a National Redress Scheme that is "compassionate, fair, and transparent" for all. 


    4 min read