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Last updated: 15 March 2022

All those arriving from the Ukraine will be suffering a degree of trauma and may be very vulnerable.  It is likely there will be a high number of women and children, and some of those children will be unaccompanied.  These people will be at a very high risk of exploitation, and it is incumbent on all of us to ensure their safety.  Even though there may be a lot happening quite quickly, don’t be tempted to skip processes at this time – safeguarding policy must always be complied with. Good safeguarding practice is the foundation on which we can provide the safe environment that is needed and expected.

You can find guidance and resources on our website and our e-manual.

  • Be aware of and alert to signs of abuse  In particular, be aware of the signs you might see in relation to Modern Slavery.  
  • Report any concerns following the normal processes
  • Ensure information about statutory services, helplines, local charities, the Clewer Initiative etc are all up to date and prominently displayed. Consider whether it is possible to have these translated.
  • Update risk assessments of activities where necessary and ensure these are undertaken for new groups or activities planned
  • New volunteers must go through the Safer Recruitment process if they will be having substantial contact with children and vulnerable adults