Section 16 - Record Keeping

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Last updated: 15 July 2021
Version: 1

16.1 All Church bodies must maintain a record of pre-appointment checks for all individuals successfully appointed to roles that fall within the scope of this guidance

16.2 The information to be recorded for each individual must include (where relevant):

  • Role details
  • Personal details of the individual – e.g. name, address, date of birth
  • Proof of identity checks performed
  • Evidence of qualifications 
  • The following details if a DBS/Barred List check at the appropriate level has been required: 
    • The date of issue on the disclosure certificate
    • The name of the subject
    • The level of disclosure requested
    • The position for which the disclosure was requested
    • The unique reference number of the disclosure
    • The details of the recruitment decision taken.
  • Checks carried out on individuals who have lived, worked or volunteered outside the UK (see 6. of Section 8: Pre-appointment Checks)
  • If employed, the checks carried out to establish the individual’s right to work in the UK
  • Details of the written references requested, obtained and verified by telephone
  • Details of the gaps in employment/education/volunteering history checked
  • If relevant, details of registration with appropriate professional body
  • If relevant, record of DBS Risk Assessment
  • Record of interview questions and answers.

16.3 The record must include whether or not each pre-appointment check has been carried out, the date on which each check was completed, the evidence obtained and who carried out the check

16.4 Records should be signed and dated by the responsible person

16.5 Other records that must also be kept:

  • Where relevant, annually reviewed safeguarding polices & procedures, signed off at the appropriate level
  • Ongoing up to date employee and volunteer files, including DBS rechecks
  • Safeguarding training completed and scheduled refreshers
  • Incident and concern recording – full chronology, signed, timed, dated etc.

Good practice advice


It is important that any church body can reassure itself, as well as others, that all appropriate checks and processes have been undertaken and are kept up to date for individuals who occupy roles involving contact with children, young people and vulnerable adults. 


Records should be set up at the start of an appointment. Some records may be stored at parish level, some at diocese level – either way, church bodies must ensure they have a clear process for what is stored where and associated responsibilities.

Whilst there are many software solutions for record keeping, a spreadsheet can be just as effective. The records should be used to track the items listed in the Policy Requirements.

Church bodies must have an appropriate policy in place to ensure information is retained and reviewed appropriately, in line with current data protection legislation and that all required privacy notices are in place.