Safeguarding Governance

Each of the Church of England's 42 dioceses has a professionally qualified safeguarding officer/team and are the first point of contact for any concerns or queries in their area. See the national map which has links to relevant contacts in your diocese.

The information below outlines the national structures and roles supporting safeguarding and providing scrutiny.

Lead safeguarding bishops

National Safeguarding Steering Group

The National Safeguarding Steering Group (NSSG), established by the Archbishops, has strategic oversight of national safeguarding activity. Its membership consists of a range of representatives from across the Church. The activities of the NSSG and membership are set out in its Terms of Reference.

National Safeguarding Programme - key safeguarding national workstreams

Independent Safeguarding Board

The Independent Safeguarding Board, ISB, was set up in 2021, following a decision by the Archbishops' Council and House of Bishops to support the development of an independent structure to deliver professional supervision and quality assurance across its safeguarding activities. The 2020 IICSA Report gave new momentum to this decision.

In 2023, the Archbishops' Council issued a statement on the future of the ISB and subsequently commissioned Professor Alexis Jay, former IICSA chair, to look at proposals for independent scrutiny and to offer suggestions on other related issues of independence for safeguarding in the Church of England. More information on this process may be found on the 'Future of Church Safeguarding' website (independent of the Church of England)

The Archbishops’ Council is committed to setting in place arrangements to ensure that the small number of case reviews promised by the former ISB can continue and as a result of the feedback the Council has received, an independent advocacy service is also being offered. Every effort is being made by the Council to discuss an offer with victims and survivors along with the former ISB members.

National Safeguarding Panel

The National Safeguarding Panel (NSP) was set up in 2014 to resource the Church of England's leadership with high level strategic advice and to offer guidance on policies and practice in safeguarding seeking to ensure that the Church of England meets accepted best practice. The panel was independently chaired since 2018 by Meg Munn who resigned from the role in June 2023.

National Safeguarding Team

The National Safeguarding Team (NST) manages complex safeguarding cases (involving a number of dioceses) and those relating to senior clergy including bishops and deans. The NST is also responsible for leading on House of Bishops policy and practice guidance, and developing safeguarding training.

  • Director of Safeguarding - Alexander Kubeyinje
  • Deputy Director, Development - Julie O'Hara
  • Deputy Director, Strategy and Casework - Zena Marshall
  • Deputy Director, Partnerships - Nathalie Ballard

The National Safeguarding Team can be contacted at [email protected]. Read the complaints handling policy and procedure for the NCIs and associated privacy notice.