Recruiting new volunteers with children and young people

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Recruiting volunteers safely and well

Check your safeguarding set-up

Before you begin to ask new people to volunteer to work with children and young people, it’s essential to review your church’s policies and procedures. You will need the support of your PCC, Vicar, Parish Safeguarding Officer and Diocesan Officers.

New Guide: ‘Working and Volunteering safely with children and young people’

Take a look at this new guide with step-by-step guidance on:

  1. Safer recruitment
  2. Safeguarding training
  3. Safe practice
  4. Communicating with children and young people

It features essential information and easy-to-use templates.

Here are five quick tips on recruiting volunteers:

Keep it personal
Prepare your recruitment resources
Ask your diocese for help
Look for a volunteer coordinator
Where are the potential volunteers?