Bishops' Office & Working Costs Report 2010

The House of Bishops has asked us to prepare and publish the details of bishops' office and workingcosts on an annual basis.

This document starts with a brief outline of bishops' work. The range is extensive and it is widelyrecognised that bishops carry a very heavy workload.The following pages set out the bishops' office and working costs in the year 2010, with detailednotes of explanation. All these costs were incurred in the course of the work we have described.

The costs of their offices, many diocesan functions and other working costs totalled £16.3 million,which includes £0.8 million of the Commissioners' own administrative costs.Furthermore, in 2010, the Commissioners spent £5.1 million on the stipends, employer's nationalinsurance and pension contributions of bishops. They also spent £5.4 million on maintaining the houses, office premises and gardens of the archbishops and diocesan bishops, including Lambeth Palace. Bishops' houses usually include their offices. The housing costs of suffragan bishops are met by dioceses.

A copy of the report for the year ended 31 December 2010 is available for download under the Resources sidebar on the right of this page.

The booklet includes a full description of the important role played by bishops locally, regionally and nationally.