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Locating General Synod papers

If you don't know the exact group of sessions, or the GS number of the paper, you can always consult the General Synod Index. This has traditionally been issued once a quinquennium, and provides a more detailed research tool that allows for a thematic search. The Synod Index will help you identify the document you are looking for. Eight Synod indexes are available online for you to consult; a guide showing how to use them is being prepared and will be available shortly.

Once you know the GS number of the paper you can consult our lists of links to Synod papers, presented in GS number order. Almost all papers in the last quinquennium (2005-2010) and some of those from the preceeding one (2000-2005) are available online in electronic format.

If the paper you seek was issued before 2000, you will need to apply to the British Library or Lambeth Palace Library. The Synod Office is unable to respond to requests for copies of backdated GS Papers. Some more recent titles published under the CHP imprint may be available for purchase from Church House Bookshop.

General Synod Index 2005-2010

General Synod Index 2000-2005

General Synod Index 1995-2000

General Synod Index 1990-1995

General Synod Index 1985-1990

General Synod Index 1980-1985

General Synod Index 1975-1980

General Synod Index 1970-1975

Alternatively you can consult our lists of Synod papers, presented in GS number order.