February 2014 Group of Sessions

Monday 10 February - Wednesday 12 February


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Papers for Business at General Synod (in day and item order)


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AGENGA - GS 1930

Monday 10 February

GS 1931 - Report by the Business Committee [item 3]

GS 1933 - Gender-Based Violence: Report by the MPA Council [item 6]

Tuesday 11 February

GS 1932 - Draft Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests and Draft Reolution of Disputes Procedure Regulations

GS 1925A - Draft Bishops and priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure

GS 1926A - Draft Amending Canon No.33

GS 1934 - Draft Act of Synod Rescinding the Episcopal Ministry Act of Synod 1993 [item 500]

GS 1935 - Draft Church of England (Naming of Dioceses) Measure and GS 1935x Explanatory Memorandum [item 501]

GS 1936 - Draft Church of England (Pensions) (Amendement) Measure and GS 1936x Explanatory Memorandum [item 502-3]

GS 1937 - Draft Parochial Fees and Scheduled Matters Amending Order 2014 and GS 1937x Explanatory Memorandum [item 504]

GS 1938 - Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 2014
GS 1939 - Legal Officers (Annual Fees) (Amendment) Order 2014 (Deemed) and GS 1938-9x Explanatory Memorandum [item 506]

GS 1940 - The Church Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution and GS 1940x Explanatory Memorandum [item 505]

Wednesday 12 February

GS 1941 - Safeguarding [item 12]

GS 1942A & GS 1942B - DSM: Environmental Issues [item 13]

GS 1943A & GS 1943B - PMM: Girl Guides' Promise [item 14]

GS 1944A & GS 1944B - PMM: Canon B8 [item 15]

GS 1929 - Report from the House of Bishops' Working Group [item 16] available from Church House Publishing

Contingency Business

GS 1945A & GS 1945B - DSM: Magna Carta and Magna Carta Translation


Other Papers

GS Misc 1064 - House of Bishops' Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests - Guidance Notes for Bishops and Parishes

GS Misc 1065 - Church Stipends Report 2013

GS Misc 1066 - Report of the Church of England Delegation to the CEC Assembly

GS Misc 1067 - Dioceses Commission Annual Report 2013

GS Misc 1068 - Note by the Legal Advisers on clause 2

Prayer Card

1st Notice Paper
2nd Notice Paper
3rd Notice Paper
4th Notice Paper
5th Notice Paper
6th Notice Paper
7th Notice Paper
8th Notice Paper

1st Order Paper
2nd Order Paper
3rd Order Paper
4th Order Paper


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