February 2015 Group of Sessions

Tuesday 10 February - Thursday 12 February

Business Done

The papers for the February 2015 Group of Sessions are available below.

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- GS 1973

Tuesday 10 February

GS 1974 - Report by the Business Committee [item 4]

GS 1975 - General Synod Elections 2015 [item 5]

GS Misc 1100 - Report on Immersion Experience in India [item 7]

GS 1902D - Amending Canon No.32 [item 500]

GS 1935A - Draft Naming of Dioceses Measure and GS 1935Y - Report by the Revision Committee

GS 1964B - Draft Amending Canon No.35 and GS 1964C - Her Majesty's Royal Assent and Licence [item 501-2]

GS 1976 - A programme for reform and renewal. A note from the Archbishops

GS 1977 - Discipleship

GS 1978 - Resourcing the Future Task Group Report

GS 1979 - Resourcing Ministerial Education Task Group Report

GS 1980 - Simplification Task Group Report

GS 1981 - Church Commissioners' and Inter-Generational Equity

GS 1982 - Discerning and Nurturing Senior Leaders

Wednesday 11 February

GS 1977 - 1981 (see above)

Thursday 12 February

GS 1952A - Draft Safeguarding and Clergy Discipline Measure and GS 1953A - Draft Amending Canon No.34 and GS 1952-3Y - Report by the Revision Committee [item 503]

GS 1983 - Petition to change the names of the Suffragan Sees of Knaresborough and Pontefract

GS 1984 - 50th Report of the Standing Orders Committee [item 14]

GS 1972A & GS 1972B - Private Members' Motions on Canon B 38

GS 1958A - Alternative Baptism Texts and GS 1958Y - Report of the Revision Committee [item 600]

GS 1985 - Mission and Growth in Rural Multi-Parish Benefices and GS Misc 1092 - Released for Mission [item 16]


GS 1928A & GS 1928C - Nature and Structure of the Church of England

GS 1986 - The Church: Towards a Common Vision


GS Misc 1093 - Update on Electronic Voting
GS Misc 1094 - Optimising the role of the NCIs
GS Misc 1095 - Dioceses Commission Annual Report
GS Misc 1096 - Clergy Stipend Report
GS Misc 1097 - Archbishop's Council - Review of Consitutions
GS Misc 1098 - The Church of England's National Work on Education
GS Misc 1099 - Report on the Archbishops' Council Activities
GS Misc 1101 - The Church of England's National Ecumenical Relations
GS Misc 1102 - House of Bishops Summary of Decisions

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Group work - Developing Discipleship

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1st Order Paper
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Chairs of Debates
Questions Paper

Task Groups - Terms of Reference and Membership