February 2016 Group of Sessions

Monday 15th February - Wednesday 17th February

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Business Done

Voting figures:
Item 11 (Report of the Church of England - Church of Scotland Joint Study Group)
Item 15 (Impact of Sanctions on Benefit Claimants)
Item 28 (Resourcing Ministerial Education)


GS 2011 - AGENDA


Monday 15 February

GS 2012 - Appointment of the Chair of the Dioceses Commission [item 3]

GS 2013 - Report by the Business Committee [item 4]

GS 1953D - Amending Canon No.34 [item 500]

GS 2014 - Draft Mission and Pastoral (Amendment) Measure & GS 2014x - Explanatory Memorandum [item 501]


Tuesday 16 February

GS 2015 - Report from the Evangelism Task Group [item 9]

GS 2016 - Report on the Church of England-Church of Scotland Joint Study Group [item 11]

GS 2017A and graph and GS 2017B - Parochial Fees [item 12 and 13}

GS 2018 - Proposed Enabling Measure [item 14]


Wednesday 17 February

GS 2019A and GS 2019B - Impact of Sanctions on Benefit Claimants [item 15]

GS 2020 - Resourcing Ministerial Education [item 17]

GS 2021 - Resourcing the future [item 18]


Notice papers

Notice Paper 1
Notice Paper 2
Notice Paper 3
Notice Paper 4
Notice Paper 5
Notice Paper 6
Notice Paper 7
Notice Paper 8
Notice Paper 9
Notice Paper 10

Order Paper I
Order Paper II
Order Paper III
Order Paper IV

Questions paper


Contingency Business

GS 2022A and GS 2022B - Blood and Organ Donation


Other papers

GS Misc 1129 - Instructions regarding counted votes conducted by electronic means
GS Misc 1130 - The Dioceses Commission Annual Report 2015
GS Misc 1131 - House of Bishops Summary of Decisions
GS Misc 1132
- Report on the Churches Together in England 2015 Forum
GS Misc 1133 - House of Bishops Consultation on Vestments
GS Misc 1134 - Update on Archbishop's Council activities
GS Misc 1135 - Council for Christian Unity Annual Report
GS Misc 1136 - Central Stipends Authority Annual Report
GS Misc 1137 - Compensated Work example
Group work membership
Group work questions

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